Infp creative

Infp creative

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Many INFPs are inclined towards idealistic daydreaming, sometimes as a means of escape, but sometimes also as a way to be creative and playful; a way of inspiring others or bringing their own passions to their fullest heights. INFPs typically do well in careers where they can express their creativity and vision. While they work well with others, they generally prefer to work alone. INFPs tend to be very creative, artistic, and spiritual. They are often skilled with language but may prefer to express their thoughts and feelings through writing rather than speaking. 5 

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Working in a graphic design position would allow INFPs to take full advantage of their creative side and turn visions into reality. They could also consider doing this freelance, as well, to have a chance at a flexible schedule. Librarian. Being a librarian would give INFPs a chance to work in a quiet, peaceful environment.

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Mar 13, 2007 · Often INFP's have strong value systems, often put others first, are interested in people, are loyal to people and causes, are creative and inspirational, flexible and laid-back (since you're a P), always want to be growing/learning, sensitive and complex, dislike details, great writing skills, and prefer to work alone (since you're an introvert). Jan 18, 2020 · INFP personality types tend to be drawn to careers where they can be creative and help others; they don't like to follow monotonous routines, and they may not be drawn to careers that emphasize ...

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